WeLab* Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”)

*WeLab is the brand operated by Welab Holdings Limited. Welend Limited (“WeLend”) and Welab Bank Limited (“WeLab Bank”) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Welab Holdings Limited and are members of WeLab Group.

Collection of Personal Data

We collect your personal data for the purposes as stated in this PICS. You acknowledge that in order to participate in any of our market surveys, activities or projects (“Activity”), you must agree to the terms contained in this PICS. By participating in the Activity, you have agreed to these terms and shall be bound by them. If you do not accept these terms, please refrain from participating in the Activity immediately.


If you do not provide the following required personal data, you may not be able to participate.


Types of Personal Data

We may collect the following personal data from you throughout the course of this Activity:

  • Age;

  • Telephone number; and/or

  • Email address.


In addition, when you use our website (through the cookies) or services, we may automatically collect certain data which may, when combined with other information about you, be personal data.


If you disclose any third party’s personal data (e.g. family members or representatives, etc.) to us at any time, you undertake that you have obtained the third party’s prior consent to do so and such third party has agreed to allow us to use and disclose their personal data in accordance with this PICS.


Purpose of Collection and Use

We will use your personal data for the following:

  • administering and managing the Activity you participated in;

  • addressing enquiries and feedback;

  • conducting market survey and analysis, researching, customer profiling and segmentation;

  • subject to your consent, sending direct marketing communications to promote our goods and services as well as other matters referred to below;

  • to consider and process your applications for banking or financial services and credit facilities provided to you by any member of the WeLab Group (including but not limited to opening bank accounts with WeLab Bank and borrowing credit facilities from WeLend);

  • designing banking or financial services and credit facilities for your use;

  • carrying out matching procedures of data sets held with any member of WeLab Group; and/or

  • any other purposes relating to the purposes listed above.


Retention of Personal Data

We will take practical steps to ensure that your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary and that we will comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements in Hong Kong concerning the retention of personal data.


Security Measures

We provide and maintain stringent security measures to protect our system and information and your personal data. While the Internet is not an inherently secure environment for communications, we continuously review and apply industry best practices to protect and secure this channel throughout our systems. However, your personal device security and general measure in handling your own personal and transactional digital data are equally important. In most cases, an imprudent transmission and handling of sensitive data such as confidential documents, password, personal identifiers etc. would facilitate unauthorized access resulting in a data breach. Hence, we remind you to be cautious when using our website and handling your own sensitive documents and data.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We may disclose or transfer your personal data to the following parties for the purposes set out above:

  • any of our affiliates within the WeLab Group (including but not limited to WeLab Bank and WeLend);

  • any of our affiliates within the WeLab Group’s third party service provider and branding partners (including service providers who promote goods and services related to the Activity); and/or

  • any third party participating in the Activity (including but not limited to charity organisations).


We may disclose your personal data pursuant to a request from the court, regulatory, governmental or law enforcement authorities, or for the purposes of defending a claim brought against us by you.


Personal data collected in Hong Kong by us may be transferred in and to a place outside Hong Kong.


Direct Marketing

Subject to obtaining your consent (which includes an indication of no objection), we intend to use your personal data to conduct direct marketing of products or services offered by any member of the WeLab Group of the following nature:

  • to promote our Activity or to send you direct marketing communications on such related products and services (including but not limited to banking or financial services provided by Welab Bank and credit facilities provided by WeLend);

  • to conduct market surveys and research on such Activity or related products and services offered by any member of the WeLab Group; and/or

  • to promote any banking or financial products and services offered by any member of WeLab Group.

If you do not wish for us to use or provide to the other persons your personal data for use in direct marketing as described above, you may exercise your opt-out right by notifying us.


Access and Correction of Personal Data

You have the right to access and correct your personal data held by us. You should send any requests for access to personal data or correction of personal data or for information regarding our policies and practices to:


Welab Holdings Limited

Unit 05-12, Level 22, K11 ATELIER King’s Road, 728 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Email: opt-out@welab.co



We have the right to amend any terms contained in this PICS by giving you notice in writing.


In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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