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Dear Hong Kong,

Since May, we have been getting HK$10,000 into people's hands faster so they can spend it, save it or donate it...and we did it, together!


Thank you to the wonderful Hong Kong community for your support and for all of those who participated in this initiative to help Hong Kong in our own little way.

We have filled up all the spots and will no longer be accepting applications.

For existing #HKCashDrop participants:

  • To check the details of your 5-month interest-free loan, please login here.

  • Don't forget to apply for your HK$10,000 cash handout directly from the government once all the details are announced!

#HKCashDrop is an independently organized initiative brought to you by WeLab. The loan service is provided by WeLend, a member of WeLab.

We Will Be Fine
Using technology for good

We mobilized our brains and resources to launch #HKCashDrop in record time. We always want to use our technology for good and here's how we did it for #HKCashDrop:


Within hours of launching #HKCashDrop on May 18th, we saw hundreds of applications and were able to get HK$10,000 into the hands of Hong Kong people within that same day.


From time of application to money reaching the bank account, we were able to do it in as quick as 2 hours!


After #HKCashDrop launched, we saw our peers in the industry launch similar initiatives. We always aim to lead by example and be at the forefront of driving innovation in financial services with the power of technology.

​Why did we create #HKCashDrop?

As you know, the Hong Kong government is giving out HK$10,000 to all permanent Hong Kong residents 18 years old or above. In April, we came out with a survey to gauge interest on whether Hong Kong people wanted to get HK$10,000 earlier in the form of an interest-free loan. We heard you and the response was a resounding "YES". We have received a lot of interest and valuable feedback, so we decided to make it happen. ​

As a homegrown, Hong Kong fintech, during a time when the economy needs a boost, we feel it is also our responsibility to do everything we can to help the Hong Kong community, even if it may be a small gesture. We are doing this for two very simple reasons:

  1. We want to get the HK$10,000 to Hong Kong people faster, so we can also help the government stimulate the rest of the economy and trigger the multiplier effect earlier.

  2. We want to bring joy to Hong Kong: 2020 has been rough so far and we hope by getting HK$10,000 into people's hands faster will help generate some positivity and give Hong Kong the morale boost we need.

#HKCashDrop is an independently organized initiative to get you HK$10,000 earlier with the power of technology.

This initiative is brought to you by

This service is provided by

Who We Are

We started WeLab with the vision of making people's financial lives better and we are passionate about using technology in a smart way to make that happen. Since a lot of us were born and raised in Hong Kong, we have lived through the same ups and downs as you. That's why we have all come together in this initiative to help give back and support the Hong Kong community.


WeLab Bank and WeLend are members of WeLab.


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